• by Karma Loveday

WICS publishes first set of price control Decision Papers

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland has published five Initial Decision Papers to inform its next price review for Scottish Water – the Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27.

These papers set out the Commission’s current view on important matters relating to the price review, specifically:

• Strategic issues facing the industry that will impact levels of service beyond the next regulatory control period.

• The prospects for customers’ charges during the next regulatory control period.

• Issues that directly and materially impact the charges that customers will pay in the next regulatory control period.

• The potential for Scottish Water to engage even more effectively with its customers.

The approach to the Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27.

The Initial Papers, published last week, cover price impacts; price prospects; the role of financial tramlines; the overall size of the capital programme; and communicating output and cost effectiveness. They will be followed as the review progresses by Revised and then Final Decision Papers.

The papers provide a framework within which Scottish Water and the Customer Forum can strive to negotiate a price and service package for the next period. WICS has declared it will be “minded to adopt a business plan that is consistent with the Commission’s Final Decision Papers and agreed with the Customer Forum as its draft determination.”

  • For coverage of the content of the papers, see July’s The Water Report