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Introducing competition in the non-household water market in England

Independent reviewer required for new entrant applications


MOSL seeks an independent reviewer to examine the evidence supporting its decisions on companies’ operational readiness and determine whether they were properly made.


The requirement

MOSL is responsible for certifying companies’ operational readiness, based on a ‘Market Entry

Assurance’ process. Certification is required in order to enter the market. Market participants can appeal against MOSL’s certification decisions, so MOSL seeks an independent reviewer to examine the evidence supporting its decision and determine whether it was properly made.


Reviews will need to take place from September to November 2016, but further reviews may be needed until March 2017.


Qualities required

  • Ability to rapidly assimilate and analyse information

  • High-quality evidence gathering skills

  • Sound judgement and decision-making based on rational and objective views of facts and evidence obtained

  • Knowledge and experience of regulated utility markets sufficient to enable assessment of operational readiness

  • Concise, structured report writing

  • Availability within two working days of a request



The successful candidate will receive a monthly retainer from September plus a fee per review –

details available on application. For a full job specification go to mosl.co.uk/about/work-for-mosl


Interested candidates should email steve.lyon@mosl.co.uk with a CV and letter supporting their application based on the above criteria by 24 June 2016.


About MOSL

In April 2017 all non-household customers will be able to switch their water retailer for the first time. It is the biggest shake-up of the water industry since privatisation.


Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) is creating the central IT systems on which the new market

will rely and working with its water company members to ensure the market is ready to open on time.